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hire car in DubrovnikThe city of Dubrovnik is a popular tourist resort situated on the Adriatic Sea and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site Today. Initially a large seaport that gained most of its prosperity through maritime trade, today the city draws many visitors for its beauty and summer festivals. The Dubrovik Summer Festival lasts an entire month with local residents entertaining guests with plays, games and concerts. Aside from the beauty of the city and the entertainment in clubs, bars and restaurants, there is a lot of outdoor activities that draw the more sports orientated visitors such as hiking, climbing and the beautiful clean water of the sea for swimming. The city is large and diverse with sites to visit as well as the surrounding areas of the city so many people visiting choose to hire a car to create their own schedule to visit the areas they want at their own pace. Being such a large city with an equally large tourist population there is no shortage of car rental agents, both local companies and international, that can help with your car hire needs.

Many people find the most convenient way to hire a car when coming to Dubrovnik is to book online in advance. This avoids the inconvenience of having to locate a car rental firm on arrival in the city and then get to it and have no guarantee that the car that you want will be available. Booking car hire through the Internet gives you the freedom to browse through operators and find one that is in the right price range and offers the right car for you. You can find some great deals online with many operators offering special discount rates for online booking. Once you have booked in advance you know the location of your car hire pick up and can have the peace of mind in knowing that you have secured your transportation for your stay.